The Story Behind FrontEdge IT

Behind FrontEdge IT there are 3 persons, with different competences and experiences. However, we all have the consultancy background in common. With a wide network and over 60 years of combined experience of management, we aim to build a great company - our vision: A Company to be Proud of!

We aim to use our takeaways from practical experience from working in the consultancy business to create new company from scratch. In this company we will incorporate the stuff that has worked well in other companies, and replace the parts that did not.

Göte Berntsson, Chairman of the Board

Göte has extensive experience in the IT industry. Technical basic competence from 5 Years Programming. Leading positions from 1990 - CEO, President, Sales Manager and Regional Manager, among others within Sigma. Has significant international experience through board work in the UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, etc. Large network of contacts and experience from both large and smaller companies


Mattias Carlsson, Member of the Board

Mattias is a business-driven entrepreneur with a large network of contacts who likes to do business, build companies and is driven by reaching results through goal-oriented work with like-minded people. He has worked for 25 years in the technology industry for both listed and unlisted companies. His last position was regional manager for ÅF.

"For me, it's important to be in a creative environment and work with people and teams that together create energy, develop and have fun together. This I see that we together will create in FrontEdge."

Fredrik Lunde, Chief Executive Officer

With a background as a Programmer, Scrum Master, IT Consultant and Consultant Manager, with a passion for leadership and management, Fredrik aims to use what that background has taught him in his role to lead the brilliant IT Consultants of FrontEdge IT.

"With my very recent experience of being an IT Consultant myself, I share a major understanding of the daily challenges and work that the  employees of FrontEdge IT will face, which is a huge benefit"